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Career Guidance

Successful career advancement


Career Guidance

Premier Destination for NHS Nurse Guidance

Successful career advancement

Career Guidance

We at Nass Online are proud to provide the UK's NHS nurses with unmatched advice and assistance. Our goal is to enable and support nurses with B.Sc. nursing, minimum one year of experience and OET certification as they navigate the intricate workings of the National Health Service, guaranteeing a seamless transfer and fruitful career progression.

Comprehensive Guidance

We provide comprehensive guidance tailored to the needs of NHS nurses, offering expert advice on professional development, licensing requirements, and career opportunities within the UK healthcare system

Visa Assistance

Say goodbye to visa worries! Nass Online offers free visa assistance to eligible NHS nurses, streamlining the process and providing peace of mind as you embark on your journey to the UK.

Insurance Assistance

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. That's why Nass Online includes assistance for insurance coverage for NHS nurses, ensuring financial protection and security throughout your tenure in the UK.

Complimentary Ticket

We believe in removing barriers to success. As part of our commitment to your convenience, Nass Online provides a complimentary ticket for eligible nurses, making the transition to the UK seamless and stress-free.

Opportunity for Dependents

Be with your family in the UK. Nass Online ensures that you can bring your spouse and kids along with you, as you begin your NHS nursing career.


Settle in comfortably with peaceful accommodation upon your arrival in the UK. Nass Online ensures that you have a welcoming place to call home as you begin your NHS nursing career

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